TANNAK has a complete Internet-Of-Things infrastructure. We develop our own base stations, devices and monitoring systems. One of the unique capabilities we have is that the system is completely autonomous when it comes to electricity. Everything is run on batteries and solar powered. This makes the deployment very smooth and quick and we also have the opportunity to place our base stations in places normally impossible due to the lack of electricity. The system is designed to withstand the winter in the far north where no sunlight exist for almost two months and where the temperature drops to -40 Celsius during the winter.


The radio network we deploy is a UNB (ultra narrow band) UHF band that is well suited to transfer information over large areas. The system is currently primarily in use for monitoring of animals and make the daily management more efficient. The application also has built in analytics tools for grazing and bait analysis.

• The physical parts in the system is the gps-collar and the base stations (fixed or mobile).
• The equipment uses batteries which are charged using solar cells.
• The user can add Geo-fences in Herdview and thereby receive warnings if animals breach these borders.
• The collar provides information about the position (one every 20 minutes), temperature and a mortality indicator.
• Developed to manage large number of animals.
• Customers can share infrastructure for data collection.