For Sheeps TANNAK offer two versions of it’s collar depending on you needs.20160518174634_img_1154

ÁHKKÁ –  If the sheeps is wandering all year we would recommend using our collar with and integrated solarpanel which enables the battery to be charged. The Áhkká collar for sheep has a maximum circumference of 63 cm.

NÍJAK – If you sheeps just spend part of the year free grazing you have the option to use a collar that is charged using induction and will fully charged have a battery life of up to 300 days without recharging.

The system have been tested on sheeps in Northern Iceland. TANNAK made it to the national news as a result of our initial pilot project.

In the initial project 100 sheeps was equipped with the Áhkká GPS collar near the village of Blöndus on northern Iceland where the sheep graze free from may until mid september.