March Update

It’s fascinating how quickly time passed by! I had an ambition to write on this blog once every month but realize I’ve failed completely :-). During the autumn we grew with five new Samí villages in norther Sweden and I believe we have one of the largest, if not the largest, deployment of collars on a group of animals in the world. The network have expanded and we’re also in the process of deploying in high rise sites + 300 meter masts. This turned out to offer new challenges for us but once in place we’ll be able to move even faster than we’re already have been doing.

We’ve successfully completed pilot projects on Northern Iceland on Sheep and South of France with Cows. Both testing customers where very enthusiastic about our solution and believe there is a market for us to expand. We learned much from these projects and with this information we realize that with only minor adjustments to our collar we have a market ready product for the plus one billion sheep and almost one billion cows in the world.

In Iceland we turned up on national TV. We haven’t been able to get the subtitle in place but in general you can hear that they think it’s very practical 🙂

In France the pilot was on Aubrac Cows which is renowned for it’s fabulous meat. This cow offers challenges for it’s owners since it likes to wander across the area where it lives and literally jump the fence. Without the TANNAK system Valentine and Matthiue could spend days finding the cows and bring them back. Something that would take time from other chores needed to be done at the farm. With the system they could spend less time on looking for the cows and f needed to be brought back they would know exactly where to find them.

We’ve also continued to improve our system and will add new features to the collar with future production series as well as updated on the network and OnTrack/OnTrack Light or management system. Two new features that’s been much appreciated by our customers are the build in analytics of grazing patterns which tells you how many days of grazing have been done within a set area and also with what pace the animals have been moving.


In 2017 we’ll continue to grow the market in Sweden with reindeer but are also expecting to move into new types of animals. Internationally we have a number of very interesting projects up our sleeve that we believe will materialize in third quarter. When looking beyond our core market of reindeer and the product we have that the Samí and reindeer helped us to build it thrilling to find that we have a world class product and in many cases with stellar performance, in several cases no one comes even close. This is truly inspiring!

Have a great weekend when the time comes and I’ll do my best to keep this page updated more frequently!

Best regards,
Peter Selemark, CEO


Sunny greetings and brief information

Tannak continues our work for our customers with the reindeer in focus in all we do.

Technological development is a continuous and never resting process where we focus on bringing you as a reindeer herder tools that makes your every day life more practical and effective.

Beyond the technical development that keeps evolving we have during this spring received several new owners and a new board members. With the new board in place and capitalization Tannaks has ensured continued technology development and that we are leading the market.

We as other technology companies have experienced challenges with our versions to date. During the spring the process of replacing the collars that didn’t meet our quality requirements was initiated. The final testing and quality assurance is now completed and the products delivered in coming shipments will include several improvements.

We appreciate and are grateful for our customers patience and we will replace former versions under the warranty. The product that we have today – Áhkká – is what we as reindeer herder once identified the need for and the very reason for founding Tannak. We look forward to continued development with our customers, new areas of use and markets.

Our driving force is delivering the best tools in the market for you as our customer and your reindeer’s.

Sunny spring greetings,
Susanne Spik