Chairman: Björn ”Nalle” Norrbom, Stockholm
Nalle have a long and distinguished career within teleco and Nalletechnology corporations and are currently active in several high-tech companies. Clavister, Sivers and Colabitoil to mention a few. During his operative career he held senior positions at both IBM and Telia.
Number of shares: 166 667

Member: Pär Lindwall, Stockholm/UmeåZS1V6926_copy
Business leader and entrepreneur. Pär started his career as Police officer and 
then moved to a civil career  moved to a civil career   within the insurance industry and been part of the management team at Wasa. He then became an entrepreneur and has been the CEO for several smaller start-up companies. Since 1998 he’s the Chairman and co-owner of Spinator AB.
Number of shares: 283 333

Member: Susanne Spik, Jokkmokk
Susanne is born and raised in a traditional reindeer herding family and are still susanne_spikactively working with her herd along with her family. She is a member of the Sirges Samí village. Susanne have extensive experience in tracking reindeer both in real life and on-line through the many iterations of Tannak’s technology. She is co-founder of Tannak AB.
Number of shares: 100 000

Deputy: Karin Kuoljok, Jokkmokk
Karin is a reindeer herder since birth and are still active on a Karindaily basis. Karin is a member of Sirges Samí village and co-founder of Tannak AB.
Number of shares: 40 000