Tannak means “here and now” on Samí. Tannak is also the name of a small knoll with a beautiful view just above one of the Sirges Samí village settlements Saltoluokta on the southern part of Langa lake in Lappland. With our technology the reindeer herder knows were the rain deers are located, “here and now”.

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The company was founded in Jokkmokk (Jåhkåmåhkke ) which is also the main city in the municipality of Jokkmokk. Jokkmokk is known for its winter market which celebrated 400 years in February 2005 and is one of the main gathering places for the samí population. In Jokkmokk you will also find the arctic museum Ájtte, Samí Educational center and several stores offering traditional samí crafts. Jokkmokk is the Swedish spelling of the sami words for creek and corner and hence the meaning of Jokkmokk is “corner of creek”. A suitable name since this is how its located. Apart from a large samí population there also a minority of meänkieli- and Finnish speaking people.

Today there is significant farming with free roving reindeer in Scandinavia covering wast areas where mobile coverage is poor or non-existent. Reindeer herding is very labor intensive and time consuming. There ambition is to refine the materials to profitable products, make the herding more effective and increase the slaughter withdrawal.

To meet these challenges and demands Tannak has developed Herdview™ which is a complete solution uniquely equipped to manage large herds of animals in a cost effective way with or without general infrastructure for mobile communication in place. Herdview™ includes the following; gps collars for the animals, base stations and online management and surveillance system. Both base stations and collars use batteries which are charged using solar cells. The systems is in operations in the Northern part of Scandinavia and designed to sustain the winter with temperatures as low as -40 Celsius and absence of sunlight for two to three months.